Auxiliary #11 – Halsey Valley
S.F. Smith Camp # 193
President: Debra Brown
Secy: Eunice Baker
Treas: Janet Lackner Grasso
Meets 1st Sunday – GAR Hall

Auxiliary #15 – Utica
Homer-Searle Camp # 114
President: Irene Mahoney
Secy/Treas: Hope Parker, PDP
Meets at call of President

Auxiliary #49 – Owego
Henry H. Boot Camp # 59
President: Vivian Russell, PDP
Meets at call of President

Auxiliary #72 – Ovid
D.G. Caywood Camp # 146
President: Nancy Hilyer-Lauster
Secy/Treas: Betty J. Baker, PNP
Meets 4th Tues. – Ovid GAR Rooms

Auxiliary #341 – Odessa
Phineas Catlin Camp 341
President: Diane Nelson
Secy/Treas: Nancy Swartwood
Meets: 1st Monday – Odessa American Legion