A firm belief and trust in Almighty God and realization that under his beneficent care and guidance the free institutions of our land, by the assistance and sacrifice of our veterans, have been preserved and the integrity and life of the Nation maintained.  True allegiance to the government of the United States of America, and a respect for devotion and fidelity to its Constitution and Laws, with a firm opposition to anything that may tend to weaken loyalty, or in any manner impair the efficiency and permanency of our nation.

Charitable deeds are encouraged and are an important part of our Auxiliary life. Members are very generous in giving of their time and substance. Visits are made to nursing homes and hospitals providing musical entertainment, parties and companionship to the residents. Lap robes are knitted and books collected for distribution to Veterans Administration Hospitals. Volunteers drive the elderly and disabled to church, doctor’s appointments, and food markets. Eyes are transported for the eye bank, meals cooked for needy children, and service given to the Meals on Wheels program for shut-ins. Sisters are always ready to offer assistance and comfort to each other in time¬† of need. At the annual Encampment the National organization presents a donation to a charity or veterans home in the city in which they are holding their meeting.